Topsoil and Proper Water Balance

When you have a nice yard and you want to add a garden in the back of your home, you are planning for one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only do you get to grow your own food, flowers, and herbs, you also help the environment by growing a wider variety of plants. Grass alone just depletes the soil. You will discover this when you get your soil tested for gardening.

It is true, you cannot always just till up the back yard and immediately start a garden. While some properties can support this, usually the topsoil is not in the right condition. It will be either too hard or dry for plants to grow or it could have too much sand, or it could even have drainage problems, which will lead to root rotting.

What do you do? Fortunately, there are great places for topsoil Northern Virginia area. Find a good seller for the soil and simply replace that which is in your yard. This carries a huge advantage. When the bad soil is completely replaced, you know that the garden will grow better and produce better food. This is, after all, what you are going for. Find out about the right soil conditions you need.

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Gardening and landscaping stores may have staff to help you with this. Ultimately, you will want to go with a company specializing in soil and ground care for more affordable costs than most typical garden centers would offer.

Once you have the proper soil in place, it is necessary to consider drainage as well as a covering for the soil. Certain kinds of stones and sands can be used to either increase or decrease drainage, depending on what the need is. Check with your soil supplier about other options such as coverings to minimize weed growth.