Best Nootropics smart pills of 2017

By | March 1, 2017

Gone are the times when people used to be taboo about things concerning mental health. With increasing awareness people have realized mental health problems and measures to enhance brain function and increase mental health. Nootropics, also called smart drugs have the ability to improve many aspects of our mental health like memory, creativity, cognitive function and executive functions. Because of its benefits there sales are increasing worldwide with rapid demand. Today’s lifestyle demand diligence and alertness but unfortunately our diets do not provide the essential nutrients for our brains.

Thanks to a synergetic blend of Nootropics called Noocube, today there are more than 124,000 smarter people in the world. Noocuube can help enhance your mental speed, memory and focus .It is a safe and effective way to improve brain health.

Below is a list of the best nootropics that are currently shaping the horizons of brain health.

Beta hydroxybutyrate (Ketone salt)

The use of exogenous ketones is trending in the health community. It has grown in popularity after recommendations and discussions with health experts and medical professionals. Initially most beta hydroxybutyrate was found to be too hard for the stomach but its new formulations have improved its taste and made the taste problem less of a problem.


Qualia seems to be ground breaking in this arena. Their formula contains 42 ingredients, two parts and a guidebook to use it in the best way. The company that makes it has a philosophy that is different from all other blends and companies. Each of its ingredients is chosen with long-tem viability and brain enhancement unlike those who only provide acute stimulation, which can make you sluggish after the drug effects wear off.

 CBD Oil

Effective from January 2017, it is being considered as number 1 schedule by the federal government of America. This has one of two reasons behind it. Either its popularity has significantly grown or the government feels that banning CBD Oil will cause its publicity to grow. Its benefits include treatment for anxiety, depression and neuroprotective effects. Its popularity might be increasing in connection to Marijuana and THC however its proponents tout a great number of positive effects.

It is a synergetic blend of smart pills that safely and easily improves the cognitive functions of the brain. It improves memory, mental speed and focus of its consumer. It is a powerful blend of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other necessary building blocks to improve the functioning of the brain.
Noocube puts your brain into a higher gear opening new windows and opportunities of possibilities.

 Medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been present for 1000s of years but it is navigating itself within the public realm. Recently it has received exceptional reviews so it is another novel nootropic that 2017 will include.

 Methylene blue

Methylene blue is a multi- purpose chemical which most people know it for fish tank cleaning. Doctors say that it can improve memory function, act as a neuroprotective and an antioxidant, among many other benefits. The nootropics community is experiencing a growing interest in methylene blue and is assured popularity but you have to be wary of finding a safe option. It is necessary to avoid impurities in forms like heavy metals, so only use pharmaceutical grade methylene blue.


Fasoracetam has been used by people for years now but its appeal is going to increase in 2017 as studies and analysis may validate the drug this year. Its users have giving positive reviews about it and have said to experienced increased focus, concentration and attentiveness but yet there is no real proof of its efficacy.

After a study was performed last year, the results are said to arrive in 2017.

Vitamin D

Those who know about optimal health surely understand the importance of Vitamin D. More recent evidences have shown how relevant it is for the cognitive health. Vitamin D controls over one thousands genes in the body and majority of the world population is lacking adequate levels of vitamin D. With increasing awareness 2017 is going to be another year of vitamin D supplementation.


Modafinil may still be unlawful in many countries but it is here for the long haul. More and More people are being educated about modafinil than ever. Even bad publicity has countered its own purpose and has brought nootropics and modafinil into the limelight. More and More people are being educated about Modafinil than ever. Even bad publicity has countered its purpose and has brought nootropics and modafinil into the limelight. While giving smart drugs coverage, big news outlets focus on modafinil for good reason as it is a very potent drug. It works for acute wakefulness, concentration and attention. Best Nootropic Supplements 2017!

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