3 Easy Steps to Fast and Lasting Weight Loss

By | February 14, 2017

fast weight loss

Everyone has a standard body shape and figure in their mind which they strive to achieve. The reasons for it can be endless, ranging from getting ready for an important occasion to changing your overall appearance.

Majority of the people feel that they are overweight or at least bulkier than they would like to be. Hence, it is not common to see someone struggling to lose weight. The good thing is that there is an infinite amount of advices and tips available.

But that is also the bad thing because one cannot be sure what advice to follow or not follow. What actually works or not works. And most importantly, what techniques will help you lose weight in a manner which is fast and leads to lasting weight loss.

Catering to this issue, Phenq review brought together the three most important and easy steps to fast and lasting weight loss.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday

The importance of water for good health is undeniable but this significance is increased when it comes to losing weight. Even though drinking a lot of water does not directly affect your weight but drinking water in specific amounts at specific times can greatly help you lose weight healthily and fast.

First of all, drinking enough water will give the feeling of being full and you will not be as hungry as usual. This helps avoid or at least reduce the size of meals which can directly lead to weight loss.

Furthermore, a study recently revealed that people often confuse thirst with hunger. By developing a habit of always drinking water first, one can easily reduce the amount of food they eat in a day.

Water is also importance for its appetite suppressing property due to which your hunger in diminished and you do not consume a lot of food. Additionally, this liquid helps boost the metabolism of a person which is very helpful in avoiding any weight gain.

Similarly, if one drinks enough water the body does not feel the need to retain much water. Consequently, the weight stored as water which is referred to as ‘water weight’ is shed off in a healthy way.  Moreover, if one keeps drinking water, other sugary liquids, beverages and drinks can be avoided which usually lead to weight gain due to their high calorie content or sugary nature.

Eat all sorts of vegetables, fruits, and proteins

When trying to lose weight, many people choose very unhealthy ways which give only short-term weight loss. While choosing the right kind of food it is important to select something healthy and beneficial to heath – not merely food which will add the lost pounds again after some time. There are certain types of foods which are very useful to lose weight: proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Proteins are very important nutrients in this regard because they effectively reduce the hunger hormone and therefore, you will not feel the need to eat as much food in a day as you might consume by eating carbohydrates or fats.

Proteins also make you lean and muscular and not obese, and help in staying fit. Proteins also take much longer to get digested relative to carbs or fats which is helpful in reducing hunger cues and cravings for food.

Vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, have many vitamins, minerals and water. The especially have very high water and fiber content as compared to carbohydrate and fats containing food. Fruits and vegetables also keep you refreshed due to their high water content.

Similarly, their richness in fibers helps in peristalsis and hence, digestion. This also enhances the metabolism and prevents the gain of any weight. Thus, fruits and vegetables provide both – great taste and effective, healthy weight loss.

These three main kinds of food not only help in the process of weight loss but they ensure that the weight is being lost in a healthy and fast way.

Make a proper exercising schedule

group of smiling people exercising in the gym

The significance of exercising is extremely high in a healthy lifestyle and not just for healthy weight loss. It is quite understandable that whatever food is being eaten needs to be digested and metabolized properly, otherwise the body might still feel the need for more food. Celebrity Weight Loss 2017

This is essentially why a strict and rigorous course of exercise is necessary for anyone aiming to shed those extra pounds. Due to endless heaps of advice people often go for the wrong sort of exercise routines or end up working out way too much which might lead to weight loss, but unhealthily.

Weight lost in such a manner is even quicker to get back on your body so it is important to follow a carefully planned routine for exercising along with your diet plan.

Exercising and especially training with weights is also very important because, muscle exercises burn fats and cardiovascular exercises help in losing weight through burning calories.

One must lift a few weights and run those extra miles to see their diet plan working more effectively than ever. With proper exercise, if you even deviate from your meal plan for a day it won’t matter a lot since your tough training will cover up for it.

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